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jkpc-steeple.jpgGuy and I have made this walk together. He cannot be here today since he is with his mother who fell and broke her hip. She had surgery yesterday and he is with her.

We’ve been married for 41 years. When we got married I was a member of a really big Methodist church and he was a member of a really small Presbyterian church. We set out to find a church that would fit us. We found it–a medium size Methodist church not far from our home. We felt so at home there. It was a perfect fit. We loved the people there and they loved us. One of the very special people we met there joined the church the same day we did. She is here today–charter member LN. What a dear friend she has been over the years! Though we loved that church very much, we realized that there was one concern–there were few children in the congregation. When out daughter K joined the church, there were only two other communicants. One of them –CM–is here today. He will be speaking later. How special to have him here with us!  But this caused us to realize that we really wanted our children to grow up in a church with a bigger youth group. We started looking. We visited many Methodist and Presbyterian churches but did not seem to find the right place–the place that would fit us. One Saturday we thought about a church not far from our home that some good friends had joined. They really liked it a lot so we visited there the next morning. We knew immediately that it was home. When we got in the car after the service, all four of us were in agreement–John Knox was the church.

The next morning I was out shopping. When I returned there was a bouquet of flowers and a note from FB and LD telling us how much they had enjoyed our visit at JK the day before. On top of that, we knew so many people already. There was even H and H D who were former members of Third Pres where Guy had grown up. They are such special people. H was so inspirational! There was also BS whom we had met through girl’s church basketball. What a blessing it was to have his influence in the lives of our children at John Knox.

In a year or so, JK had a Lay Renewal. That’s kind of like a revival. What a long term impact that was going to have on our lives. You know those small groups that J is always talking about….  Listen to him! Those groups can be so meaningful. Well, several started up as an off shoot of the Renewal. We were blessed to be a part of one that still meets some 27 years later. God blessed us with such special friends in this group that have been such true blessings in out lives. I think about BB–a true gentleman and saint. What a blessing it was to be his friend! What a deep impact he had on our lives! Then, there are J and D D who are not able to come anymore but we feel like they are still in our midst. Many times we will say something like, “You know what D would say….” What special people they are and such a witness to their faith! The others who still are part of The Sharing Group are FB, The R’s, and The V’s.

Over the last few years Guy and I both have had some health concerns and we both have commented over and over how we can feel the prayers of the people of JK. Those prayers have seen us though to good health.

There have been so many people that have made a tremendous influence on us. People who have made our life at JK so meaningful. I guess when it comes right down to it, the difference at JK is the people. But is goes even deeper, I believe. The real difference is that at JK the people have accepted God as their Lord and Savior and have been willing to let Him act though them with such deep care and compassion. That is the real difference!      (Comments shared on Homecoming, November 5, 2007, at John Knox)


I have been working on the software Crazy Talk. It looks like fun and that educators will find lots of uses for it. I’ll post some of my “products” as I do them.

I found out that if you want to comment on something that is not on the home page, you can go to the particular page you would like to comment on and scroll down to the bottom. There you will find a comment box. Cool!

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