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I find that almost everyone who has had cancer wants to fight back. I guess personalities play into it. Ann has not had cancer but she has been affected by the cancer of her friends. Marie has had cancer and she has just completed her treatments but she is ready to fight back. Both have organized teams for relay at their churches. It is a good thing because during the past week I have heard of so many more who have been diagnosed with cancer. Julie has melanoma. Jack and Jerry have prostate cancer. Bobbi and Duane have cancer too. When is it going to be stopped! Can we relay enough?

The American Cancer Society is doing a fabulous job with research. We are making giant steps toward stopping cancer but in the meantime cancer is trampling right through lives.

Lord, I pray that you intervene in this fight. In your way, find a way to stop cancer. Amen!


Well, the last Christmas decoration has been packed. The Bowl game has been played and lost. 2008 is here! I promised myself that as soon as all that was done I would start on Relay for Life. I am so excited! I have been going to events like Relay University in October and executive committee meetings since November. Of course, all that was around funerals—both on the same day– for my cousin Sophia who had leukemia and my dear church friend Fayette who had cancer.  I get so excited about the work that Relay accomplishes and then, pow! The reason we have to keep fighting back hits hard!

I imagine that you can sit there and count on your fingers the people you know personally who have been affected by cancer. This year the Relay motto is

celebrate, remember, and fight back!

Will you help me again? Please!!!!! I want to raise over $2500 this year. Even more if possible! Cancer needs to be stopped! I am begging you to help!!!!!!

The site is secure for online donations. I really encourage you to donate that way. It cuts out the processing costs of cash/checks. The URL is You can click on the John Knox team and then my name to contribute. If you want to donate in memory or honor of someone please include their name either on the site or on your check. 

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