I have always loved to color. Even now I love to color. It is all I can do to remember to let the grandchildren color on the kiddie menus at restaurants. I want to color!

Maybe I am purist because I don’t like to color with any crayons except Crayolas. The others are simply not the same. The bigger the box the better! I remember that were always the boxes with eight rather basic colors. Then, there were boxes of sixteen crayons–two rows. Then there were boxes of sixty-four crayons–four rows. But the most wonderful thing was the box with one hundred twenty-eight perfectly made crayons. You could open the box–a new box and see total perfection. One hundred twenty eight different crayons! One hundred twenty-eight different colors! Each perfectly made. Each sticking out the very same distance from the box in perfectly tiered rows. I use the word perfect or a version of it over and over because in the mind of me–a child with not a lot material things any size box of new Crayolas was perfect, but the 128 count box was total perfection.

It was because of this big box of Crayolas that I immediately knew the color of the water out from our liani on Oahu in Hawaii, It was the first time I had ever seen azure in person. The name is almost as beautiful as the color. 

There is more coming. It is in my heart and my head. I just need time to get it out in the right order….