This is my latest creative outlet. I am really hooked on it. I search blogs all the time to find out how others who are hooked are doing things. It is just amazing how talented some folks are. I hope I can add some images of cards I make and share what I used to make them. I would love to read your comments about them.

Oct. 31~

All Ocassion  I  played with several different supplies that I had on hand. I do not remember the source of each. The cardstock was from QVC, leaves from Michael’s, and flower from Hobby Lobby, I think.

Nov.  1~

deborahs-criss-cross.jpg This is called a criss-cross card. It is my first attempt at making one. The outside criss-crosses in the front to make an interesting closure. The inside part slips in and out. It has a tab on it to facilitate. I think this is really a fun way to design cards now. It is almost like a gift. Behind the insert I placed a gift certificate. I think my sister will like it. Again, the materials were all in my stash at home. Most things came from QVC, I am sure.

Nov. 25~

k-40.jpg I made this card for my daughter’s 40th birthday. I thought it was kind of cute but inspirational at the same time. I used the stamp that I got at Hobby Lobby and colored it with colored pencils and mineral spirits. The flowers are Primo and the paper from QVC. I had a lot of fun doing it. I have finally gotten up my nerve to post a picture of one of my cards on the Cricut Message Board. This is the URL for my first post– I love to visit this message board and study the work of these great card makers. It was there that I learned to use mineral spirits with colored pencils for a finished look.

March 9 ~

 embossedHere are two that I just did today. To tell more about them you will need to click (maybe double click) on it to see them larger. This is just a thumbnail. I used one of the Cuttlebug embossing folders to make these. Supplies were just from my stash here at home. I did do some inking on the embossing in a pale coral. In person it shows more.

inside-8-1.jpg These three I am really proud of. I made them in January for thank you notes for Relay donations. Actually the purple shapes are the negative parts of the figure 8 that I cut out using George on my Cricut. I had these neat shpes and hated to waste them. Guess that is the first grade teacher coming out. You can retire us but we keep finding ways to use everything! Natural hoarders, we are!

relay1.jpg This card shows why I was cutting out 8’s to start with. I cut further and the result looks like the purple ribbon that the American Cancer Society uses to indicate all cancers. I glued in on a notecard and added a flower or two for embellishment.  It gave the real outcome that I wanted for Relay thank you notes.