2007 survivorsWhy do I relay?

There are many reasons now, but when I started walking in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life fourteen years ago it was because my very dear friend Betty had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. What a shock! Betty outlived the projected six months that they gave her. She lived a little over two years after she had her surgery. She was such an inspiration to all around her! When I was diagnosed seven years ago, I was surprised at the number of changes in detection and treatment that had occurred over the previous six years.  I have been cancer free since the day of my surgery.  Jodi’s mother, who had battled breast cancer for several years, lost her battle just ten days after my surgery. Holland was just four months old.  Then, Kendall was diagnosed with melanoma. Her doctor was able to remove all of it during surgery.  Research has given much hope to those with all forms of cancer.  I continue to relay for Betty every year, but now I relay also for my three precious grandchildren so that their future will not be harmed by cancer anymore than it already has. They have been affected enough already! The Greenville relay is May 16.  Again I am the captain of the John Knox team. We are “pressing for the cure!” We have set our goal high because we feel that we can make a difference. Please help us! 

You can donate online after January (I’ll post the URL at the time) or you can write a check to the American Cancer Society and drop it in the mail to me.

 Thank you so much! You will make a difference, also! Together we can give more hope to those with this dreaded disease. 

Celebrate! Remember! Fight back!